Gabriël Bos

Position at the T-House: Social Counselor
Pronouns: He/Him
Languages: Dutch, English

At VluchtelingenWerk Nederland, Gabriël guides LGBTI status holders in their social integration. His specialty is transgender case studies.
Transgender refugees often have questions about medical transgender care and how they can change their registered first name and gender designation. Gabriël combines his work at the Dutch Council for Refugees (VWN) with his commitment to the Trans Clinic and the T-House.
Because of his own transgender identity, Gabriël has a great affinity with the target group and thanks to his years of experience in the field, he can help these clients get started with the right information.
He used to have a lot of support from people who are transgender, people in whom he recognized himself. In his position, as a social counselor, he in turn aims to be someone with whom others feel safe and heard.

In the T-House for questions about:
– Medical transgender care
– Change of first name and gender registration
– Expanding a transgender network

Gabriël can be reached at

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