About The T-House

* This video is by courtesy of The Transketeers

The T-House1 is a safe place for everyone in the trans community. We offer a wide variety of help, such as a trans*-dominated meeting place, social and community support, coaching, clothing for those who need it most and legal help. We also have the opportunity to speak with the police in a safe environment. In addition to help, our safer space also offers plenty of opportunities to socialize during activities that are provided by people from our own community. This can often be done on a walk-in basis, but sometimes activities are restricted to one specific group, so these can only be attended upon registration.

The “T-Huis” was founded in 2019 by a group of bi-cultural transgender people, of color and/or a migration background, living in Amsterdam. They conducted research among their supporters, who indicated that they desperately needed a safe space. With the support of the Municipality of Amsterdam and HVO-Querido, Trans United Europe has taken the lead in the design and realization of this. The T-Huis is now an independent identity and is supported by a number of institutions, take a look at Our Partners.

The T-Huis is located in the center of Amsterdam. As we like to keep it a safe place, we only share the address upon request.
We can be reached at .

Kindly note:
Previously, the Trans United Clinic with medical staff was part of the T-Huis. Since 2023, due to exponential growth, the two parts have been separated and you can no longer go to the T-Huis for hormone care, or an STD or HIV test. Please see the page: Trans clinic consultation hours.

  1. T-House: a literal translation of the word T-Huis. The word T-Huis stands for so much more than just Trans House, as in Dutch we have the word THUIS. What does THUIS mean? Thuis means HOME. As in ‘a home where you live and where you feel comfortable’, but also house, residence, domicile, stay, familiar, home ground, shelter and refuge.
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