Carlo van der Linden

Position at the T-House: Account holder and Civil Servant at the municipality of Amsterdam
Pronouns: He/Him
Languages: Dutch, English

Carlo is an account holder for Transhuis (subsidy) at the Municipality of Amsterdam.
As an LGBTIQ+ advisor at the Youth and Care department/ Reception and Migration, Asylum and Undocumented Program team, he works with the LGBTIQ+ community and network partners to ensure a healthy and safe environment in which to be yourself.
In his role, he brings parties together and breaks through systems that no longer work and barriers that restrict the social domain.

In the T-House for questions about:
– Transgender policy/ transgender care of the Municipality of Amsterdam
– Social shelter
– Problems for LGBTIQ+ community at Asylum Seekers’ Center
– Municipal services
– Problems in the workplace

For more information about this, he can be reached on 06 5109 6547 or by email

Carlo is at the T-House once a week, at varying times.

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