By Appointment | Burgwallen Police Consultation Hour

Location: T-Huis
Spoken Languages: Dutch, English, Arabic
Cost: none

Sometimes it is easier and more pleasant to talk to a police officer in a trans-safe space. If you are dealing with discrimination, intimidation, aggression or violence, we help to facilitate a conversation with the police in the T-House. If desired, we can assist you in the conversation.

If you need to have a talk with the police at the T-House, please email us at . We are here to emotionally support and help you move forward.

PAY ATTENTION! In case of emergency or immediate threat, call 112.
Are you feeling suicidal? Call 113.

The Burgwallen Police Consultation Hour is a collaboration with Burgwallen Police officer(s) and is coordinated by Heleen and/ or Samira.

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