Thursday | 13-15h | Participatory Art Class

Beau is a real artist and therefore welcomes everyone to join and participate in ‘Art at T-huis’.
It is all about having fun together and creating some ART … you don’t have to be artistic, because if you look at it up close: there is already ART in TRAns.
These 2 hours are a chill hangout place, while you are creative in many ways.
Would you rather come by for a cup of coffee or company? That is also perfectly fine.
What we offer is a wide range of activities. If you have your own ideas and would like to explore your talent, let us know, a lot is possible!


April 11Making a (self) portrait on canvas
April 18Experiment with pouring paint
April 25Hand printing your photo on canvas part 1
May 2Hand printing your photo on canvas part 2
May 16Making art with a old magazines and magic
May 23Re-design clothes part 1
May 30Re-design clothes part 2
June 6Pimp your personal item, anything from a vase to a bike!

Point of contact:
Beau Korblet


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