Position at the T-House: Coordinator Clothing Bank, Hostess T-House Cafe
Pronouns: She/Her
Languages: English

Barbara has an eye for fashion and loves to advise people what suits them best.
She receives clothing for the clothing bank from people who do not want to wear it themselves, because it does not suit them. This way, trans men and trans women can efficiently exchange their unused garments under the supervision of Barbara’s trained eye.
Everything she receives is viewed, checked and given a nice place in the Clothing Bank. She ensures that the best items are available to people who do not have the opportunity to buy clothes themselves. Is this due to a lack of money, or because you are not welcome in certain stores, because you do not fit their image? Those who really need it, can make an appointment with Barbara. Email to:

Do you have any unused, undamaged contemporary clothing or good quality shoes, please contact Barbara as well.
Thank you very much from many wonderfully dressed people!

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