Alex von Vaupel-Klein

Position at the T-House: Medical advisor about sexual health issues
Pronouns: He/Him, They/Them
Languages: Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

Alex is a queer trans man who has returned to college after transitioning. He completed his study of Medicine in Utrecht in 2021. Since then, he worked as a doctor at the STI clinic of the GGD Amsterdam and still works for the Trans United Kliniek, where he has been active as a volunteer since 2019.
He conducts research into the barriers to care experienced by trans people, who have more difficult access to care as a result of their trans identity. In October 2021, he attended the “Advancing Excellence in Transgender Health” course through Harvard Medical School.

In the T-House for questions about SEX & SEXUAL HEALTH issues:
– Health issues related to gender identity
– Health issues related to venereal diseases
– Transgender care
– His research into the barriers to care experienced by trans people

The Trans United Clinic is no longer taking place at the T-Huis. It is currently housed elsewhere until a permanent location is found. Alex holds office hours for the Trans United Kliniek on every third Sunday of the month. Please note: They are not currently accepting new clients.

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