Alejandra Ortiz

Position at the T-House: Coordinator of T-Huis Café, contact person at the Clothing Bank
Pronouns: She/Her
Languages: Spanish, English, French B1, Dutch B1

Alejandra is a Latina trans woman who fled violence and transphobia in Mexico, first to America and then to the Netherlands.
Alejandra has meanwhile become an expert in surviving poverty, violence, drug abuse, sex work, surviving illegality and has also experienced a lot of stigmatization. As a result, she has not only optimized her own survival techniques, but she can now use it for others from the trans community. Only together can we make progress, is her motto in the T-Huis, but also at Papaya Kuir, and Trans United Europe, where she fulfills many roles. 

Alejandra is involved with T-Huis cafes as hostess of the T-Café Latin Edition and as back-up contact person for the clothing bank. In addition, she is our permanent illustration designer (including the logo) and manager of the social media events.

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