Sunday | 11-19h | T-Huis Support Cafe

Location: T-Huis
Cost: none

T-House living room

The Trans United Clinic is every 3rd Sunday of the month. This is why we also host a T-Huis Cafe every third Sunday of the month!

On the Sundays that the Trans United Clinic is held nearby, the T-Huis will simultaneously open its doors to people from the community. All forms of trans identity are welcome, to have an appointment at the clinic is not necessary.

Have a chat, organize your thoughts after you have been to the Clinic, or you have to go there later in the day. Again, if you do not have an appointment at the Clinic, but would like to be among community, you are also welcome for some heart-to-heart talk.
The T-Huis Cafe is a place where you can relax, meet people and be yourself.

No need to register, you can just come in.

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