Hormone Care

We notice that many people need access to hormone support, when observing the enormous waiting lists within the Dutch gender teams. Unfortunately, our team is too small to solve this national problem, despite our desire to help as many people as possible and no matter how painful we find it that we cannot provide care to everyone. Registration is currently suspended at the Trans United Clinic.

The Trans United Clinic is specifically intended for people from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (see area image below) who do not have access to regular care due to additional barriers.

Three shades of grey show the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

Persons from the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area who may be eligible for an intake at the Trans United Clinic are:

  • Persons with refugee status, in asylum procedure, undocumented, or rejected asylum seekers
  • Persons who are homeless, or who are staying in a crisis shelter
  • Persons who are often excluded or stigmatized for other reasons, for example because of skin color, religion, (bi)cultural background, physical disability, HIV status, language barrier, or because they are active as a sex worker.

If you belong to one or more of these target groups, keep checking in on the clinic’s website to schedule an intake interview. The waiting list for hormone care is currently closed due to the large number of registrations.

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