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Location: T-Huis and P&G292
Spoken languages: Dutch, English, French, Spanish, other languages available via a telephone interpreting service
Cost: none

Since January 2021, Trans United Europe has started a partnership with the GGD Amsterdam. This allows us to offer more specific care, such as hormone care, STI and HIV screening, PrEP consultations, and you see a doctor, a nurse or experience expert for questions about gender identity and sexual health (SENSE consultation.)

Sexual Health

An appointment for STI and HIV screening, PrEP consultations and SENSE consultations is available for everyone from the transgender and gender diverse community…
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Hormone Care

We notice that many people need hormone care by observing the enormous waiting lists in the Dutch gender teams. Unfortunately, we are too small to solve this…
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Support for GP’s

Some general practitioners feel comfortable guiding people in their practice with Hormone Replacement Therapy, either because of an affinity with transgender care, or wanting…
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The team of the Trans United Clinic consists of experiential experts from Trans United Europe, 3 doctors (doctor Alex, doctor Camiel and doctor Kim), nurses from GGD Amsterdam, and social workers from P&G292, HVO-Querido, Brand Berghouwer and Gabriël Bos.

The Trans United Clinic is coordinated by Camiel.

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